Sass is a mother/stepmother to 4 in butt f%$k, sh!thole no-where Canada.

Her life is full of other people’s ineptitude,stupidity and downright Oscar Worthy A$$HOLE performances.

She works full time for the MAN, and full time for her kids and she’s sick and tired of having to be everybody’s ray of sunshine.

This is also where she can live out her fantasies as a writer because frankly writin’ don’t pay no bills when you’re 20 and preggers.

So kids and college and work and life all got in there first. Over a decade has past…

But now, now, she has the Internet to vent on (cheaper than therapy my friends, cheaper than therapy…)

This is a page where she can rant about all the people/places/things that piss her off on a regular basis. Oh the inspiration! A$$holes abound and her tolerance is at an all time low. Read, laugh, comment. Share in the power that is letting people OWN THEIR SH!T. Keep the language PG and no threats of violence. People are idiots, they have the right to be idiots, but we have the right TO TELL THEM.



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