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Things that Blow My Mind and Rock the Sh!t.

Today’s blog is going to be something a little different.

Not ranty, or angry or full of righteous indignation,

but instead… things that I think are the total sh!t.

So relax,

grab a Hawaiian Punch (AWESOME!)

and enjoy…

Sour Skittles

As far as candy goes, I’m pretty sure these are like little drops of sour, sweet heaven. They rock my taste buds. They are the shiznit of confections. Sour Skittles… I love you.

Guitar Players

YEP, this dude got WAAAAAAAY more play than you! *swoon*

My first serious boyfriend was a guitar player (still is)

My Ex-husband was a guitar player (still is)

The love of my life plays guitar.

Do you see a pattern here?

Dude playing a guitar anywhere, you are instantly 100 times sexier. Keep up the good work of looking thoughtful and deep and sensitive, whether you are playing November Rain *weak knees* or secretly rocking out to Whitney Houston while telling everyone you are really into Leonard Cohen.

It works,

stay with it.

The smell of Bleach

Don’t judge me, there are apparently blogs and Facebook pages dedicated to the smell of bleach.

Its just my favourite smell EVAH! Its so clean and smells like work that I don’t have to do because its already clean and bleach-y! Tell me something that smells better than bleach and I will tell you, you are an idiot and wrong.

End of story.

Jean Grey/ Phoenix and Wolverine

Yes, I am a grown woman in her 30’s who digs the shit out of XMEN comics. Whats wrong with that?


I’m awesome so shut it.

Chatsworth House

Hey Mum, this is my favourite picture from Chatsworth. Thanks for bringing me.

I am an Austenite. I wanted to see ONE thing when I went to England with my English spouse. CHATSWORTH HOUSE. And I saw my beloved Pemberley and I got misty eyes looking at the grand entrance and the divine marble. I thank my in-laws for taking me even though they had been there before and looking at another old English House is not their idea of a good time. Love you all.

Dudes with an accent

If you read this entire blog you would know my hubby is English. I swear it is so much easier to tune someone out and have a blissful look on your face when they say things like “Bloody ‘ell!”  “Cuppa tea love?” “blah blah blah James Bond blah blah blah” and “Oh my, someone left a spot of rubbish!” (that is a direct quote)

Dude with an accent,

Everything you say makes my heart flutter.

You rock.



About thediaryofaneffuaddict

I am a firm believer that I am surrounded by assholes and the intellectually stunted and it is my punishment for being just a little bit AWESOMER then I should be around these parts.

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