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EFF U WORTHY #25 When the Sh!t did Pearl Jam become retro?

If you recognize this picture it is too late for you to be considered cool. Your good years have apparently passed you by…

Have you listened to the Retro Nooner lately (on the radio if you are old school) or online like today’s kids?

If not…


Apparently Pearl Jam is Retro.

I had totally expected to hear The Smiths or The Pixies but instead I was musically punched in the face by Pearl Jam and Eminem.

My head is still spinning. Up seems Down and Left seems Right. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white (Booyah!)

This seems wrong. And sad. And my ego is a little bruised. And not a good bruised like from Moshing at a Tea Party concert but bruised like I fell down and hit my head on the edge of the Cribbage Table while going to get some Werthers hard candies.

That reminds me.

Buy some Werthers hard candies.




About thediaryofaneffuaddict

I am a firm believer that I am surrounded by assholes and the intellectually stunted and it is my punishment for being just a little bit AWESOMER then I should be around these parts.

One response to “EFF U WORTHY #25 When the Sh!t did Pearl Jam become retro?

  1. Wilford Brimley ⋅

    Ahhh time… How you have come back to bite us in the ass.. I agree i thought retro would be from the 80’s but then i forget the 90’s was 20 years ago. Well i guess its time to put the walkman and the mixed tapes away and start buy that new ipoooed or something. Anyways, going to the store, this story has me a hankering for some werthers. These posts rock, keep em going.

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