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EFF U WORTHY #21 hope you are saving for your child’s future therapist.

There is a reason children call you their PARENT and not their FRIEND. At least until they are 21. If your children do not look at you with disdain and they are older than 8, you are seriously effin’ this one up.

You know what else is a big glowing sign advertising “A BAD PARENT RAISES THIS FUTURE JUVENILE DELINQUENT”? A child who does not understand the meaning of “NO” or FAILURE.

Lets face it, you stripey haired manipulative B!TCH, YOU should be calling the shots when it comes to your child, not YOUR CHILD. And if YOU are really making all these stupid, childish, selfish decisions, TAKE OWNERSHIP AND DON’T PLAY THE “well she waaaaaaaanted to (fill in the blank with latest lame a$$ dipsh!t action). Did you want her to be upset?!”


Children need to know that there are rules.

Children need to know that they can trust you to keep your word.

Children need to know that they can’t always get everything they want because,

A. It is not always the best thing for them,

B. Our actions have consequences,

C. There are other people in this world other than YOU and YOUR CHILD (as hard as this is for your pea sized brain to comprehend).

Children need to learn this because when they are no longer attached to your metaphorical t!t they will need to be … ACCOUNTABLE!


For Serious!

Now on to the subject of FAILURE.

I’m sorry but your child will NEVER be perfect at every thing she does. You are not doing her any service making her think that she is, because trust me, the children she will encounter at school will knock her down a peg. She will be mocked, friendless and not understanding what the problem is, and guess what the problem is…?


The real world isn’t the same as your house (as is painfully clear to EVERY ONE) and you owe your child to GROW THE F&@K UP, be a PROPER PARENT and stop making your child live out YOUR FAILED DREAMS.

If this concept is lost on you,

see a Therapist, buy a book, watch DR PHIL but for the love of whatever deity you are a follower of, be a parent.

You can be a friend in 18 or so years.

Unless of course your child grows up to see you in all your PSYCHOB!TCH glory.

Bad Parent,



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I am a firm believer that I am surrounded by assholes and the intellectually stunted and it is my punishment for being just a little bit AWESOMER then I should be around these parts.

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