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EFF U WORTHY #16 If you don’t know the answer just ask Poe-ipedia

I have a daughter. She thinks she is the center of the universe and the Yoda of tweens. There is not anything that has happened ever, since the creation of time that she is not aware of. No question to which she does not have the answer.

She will give you advice freely, without you asking for it or really wanting it.

There is NOTHING you can do that she can’t so BETTER, hell, she doesn’t even need to know what you are talking about to know that you are wrong and that she would do it a million times more efficient, AND LOOK BETTER DOING IT.

Mt Everest, pftttttt, she could scale that, in her sleep, wearing heels, blindfolded, with a broken leg and carrying a litter of orphaned puppies.

In the above picture she is texting, listening to music and ignoring me ALL AT ONCE!

If that doesn’t scream multi-tasker, I don’t know what does.

I really am the most blessed of mothers.





About thediaryofaneffuaddict

I am a firm believer that I am surrounded by assholes and the intellectually stunted and it is my punishment for being just a little bit AWESOMER then I should be around these parts.

3 responses to “EFF U WORTHY #16 If you don’t know the answer just ask Poe-ipedia

  1. Red

    Roaring over here, loved this. ๐Ÿ™‚ So very true

  2. tyler durden ⋅

    Mah feeble attempt to stick up for one of my amazing daughters…
    Moms genes (awesome) + Dads genes (awesome….er) = Our daughter (HAWWWESAOMEEST)…..justified ๐Ÿ™‚ btw love the syringe full of awesomeness in the title. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dear Father of my children, Ex-husband and previous commenter,
    you are as deluded as your child.
    I am the Awesomest Evah.
    Remember that.

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