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EFF U WORTHY #13 Back to your bridge evil Troll, you have no powers here.


Why is it bullies seem dumb struck the moment they are called on their sh!t?

They must know that there will come a time when they cross paths with someone that ISN’T going to put up with their stupid lame a$$ behavior. Shouldn’t they?

I mean, simple laws of averages should be enough to let the dumb a$$ know that not everyone they try to manipulate and hurt will stand for it. I would think it goes without saying that if they try to bully someone they don’t ACTUALLY know that the odds increase exponentially. But hey, I’m not a mathematician so don’t quote me.

The way I see it (and for those of you unaware I was given the gift at birth of seeing A$$HOLES for what they truly are. Ohhh it has been both a blessing and a curse) if you are going to be a smack talking controlling b!tch, you MIGHT want to stick to someone you know will put up with it.  Probably not the best idea to:

1. Pick on someone’s child that you don’t really know.

Here you run the risk of running into a very angry mother bear who might decide you pose a threat to her cub. This NEVER ends well for the one threatening the cub. Just watch National Geographic.

2.  Assume that ALL people in the household or family of someone who (once) put up with your craziness will put up with you the same way.

Here you run the risk of being confronted, perhaps very publicly, not loudly or aggressively, but the world is a small place, chances are the 2 of you will cross paths. Unless you are prepared to try to manipulate and control someone without actually knowing how they will react, I suggest steering clear of this eventuality.

Now, perhaps it is just that you are too ridiculously deluded to see that your actions and words are aggressive and offensive. I hear that can happen when you are raised by a pack of ruthless wolves.

I suggest keeping your crazy f&%king bullsh!t aimed at someone you KNOW will put up with it. Because let me tell you,

You don’t know ME.

I don’t owe you a god damned thing.

The way YOUR life has ended up, says more about YOU than you would like.


ignorant bully



About thediaryofaneffuaddict

I am a firm believer that I am surrounded by assholes and the intellectually stunted and it is my punishment for being just a little bit AWESOMER then I should be around these parts.

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